Geometric Embroidery + Sumi Ink

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*『Geometric Embroidery + Sumi Ink Art』drawn with thread and sumi ink*
The delicate embroidery technique of geometric patterns and ink are used to create a fantastical world in monochrome.
By intuitively adding sumi ink and stabbing threads, I create my own unique view of the universe as I wish.


画家である私は取材のために森に入ることが多いのですが、自然界を観察していると 「フラクタル」と呼ばれる幾何学模様に出会うことがあります。
この模様が見る人を癒す効果があることを知り、 試行錯誤の末「幾何学刺繍+墨アート」という表現方法を創案しました。

制作に使用する素材は、できるだけ自然界に近いものを選んでいます。 また、日本画制作から着想を得て、墨や顔彩、金箔、銀箔などで着彩しています。


After studying textile art in France,I have provided textile artwork for the Japanese entertainment industry and commercial spaces.
As a painter, I often go into the forest for research, Observing the natural world, I sometimes encounter geometric patterns called “fractals”.
And I have learned that such patterns have a soothing effect on the viewer’s mind. So, after much trial and error, I arrived at the expression technique of “Geometric Embroidery + Sumi ink”

The materials used in the production are chosen to be as close to the natural world as possible. Inspired by Japanese painting, I also use sumi ink, pigments, gold leaf, silver leaf, and other colors.

The works are characterized mainly by black, white, gold, silver, and vermilion colors.

Title:『サムサラの森 /Samsara forest』
Size: S12/606×606mm (1パネル)×4

In this tapestry of interwoven dreams, I intricately stitched the essence of nature’s complexity and the geometric harmony of life. Abstract and organic forms unite, creating a dance of texture and pattern that invites the onlooker into a contemplative space. It’s a celebration of the interconnectedness of all beings, a manifestation of thought and emotion into textile. Bringing this piece into your home promises to instill a sense of wonder and an appreciation for the delicate balance of existence.




Wooden panel,Organic cloth, Silk thread(black, gold, silver)Raw wool felt,Beads,Spangles,Braid, etc…

『蜘蛛の巣とフクロウの作品集/ A collection of spider webs and owls』

『SpiderⅠ』size: s4/ 333×333mm (上)
『SpiderⅡ』size: s4/ 333×333mm (下)

ラフスケッチ/ Rough sketch

Art textile lesson*
①東雪谷スタジオ/東急池上線 石川台駅徒歩5分